For the night is dark and full of terrors … while we relive Season Six and prepare for winter.

The Seven Kingdoms have had their fair share of heart-gripping and mind-numbing moments. While there is no doubt that we are all very much entertained by the sex, schemes and scandals, there are some great public relations lessons to learn from the plot (besides not burning your daughter at the stake or blow half the town with explosives among many others). Here are some of the enlightening moments we get from a throwback to the last season of the Game of Thrones.

From Home (Episode Two) 

Remember when Tyrion unchained the dragons in Daenerys’ absence? While this line may seem like Tyrion’s desperate attempt to keep himself from being pet food for the dragons, this would be a very wise advice for … well, anyone. How? Never bite the hand that feeds you. If they had barbequed the Lannister black sheep, their mother would have lost a great counsellor and they might not be freed. 

PRotip: Always heed the voice of reason before snuffing it out. Public relations consultants are the same help Tyrion refers to. Agencies and clients have a common goal. Both parties just have to see that.

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From Oathbreaker (Episode Three)

It seems that the advice from the three-eyed raven to Bran Stark was a lie after all, or is it? However, the advice stands true in the real world and is often overlooked by many.

Yes, mistakes should be avoided at all costs. But mistakes happen. It is human to err. Mistakes may form a part of history but do not necessarily dictate the present or the future. They can only be resolved when there is a commitment to taking ownership and rectifying past actions.

PRotip: A company’s image is like a stained glass. Mistakes or not, whitewashing is never the right solution because it only mars the truth but never truly remove it.

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From The Winds of Winter  (Episode 10)

Margaery relied on her intuition and logic to deduce that something was not right but because the High Sparrow was too caught up in his mission and his ‘faith’ everyone had to pay with their lives.

Lesson one: Never get too blinded by momentary success or power. Always consider the dynamics – different levels, angles and perspective. Lesson Two: Balance the intangible with the verifiable.

Public relations used to rely heavily on contacts, experience and intuition. But the game has changed for the better with insights and statistics. As practitioners, we may not have to pay with our lives, but it really does not differ much from digging our own graves in the industry.

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We wonder what other great advice we will learn from the upcoming season of Game of Thrones. One thing is for sure, finish work on time on Mondays and get the popcorn ready! The winter is coming.