Medical Healthcare Public Relations (PR)


The medical healthcare industry is governed by strict advertising and promotional guidelines in Singapore and Malaysia. Across the different sub-specialties, medical and healthcare PR is perhaps the most challenging .

It is critical to know and understand these guidelines. This is where our dedicated and knowledgeable medical and healthcare public relations (PR) team steps in. Headed by medical healthcare PR veteren, Elaine Seah, our medical healthcare public relations team is armed with experience and expertise to understand and communicate clinical data simply. A skill many of our clients in the medical industry can attest to.

Before founding Brand Inc., Elaine was managing marketing communications at the National Skin Centre. Over the years. we have worked with esteemed organisations such as Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS), Cell Biotech, Parkway Cancer Centre (PCC), Actelion, Smith & Nephew, Ziwell Medical, and our long-standing client for 9 years and counting, the regional pharmaceutical giant Xepa Soul Pattinson.

We have handled wide ranging medical topics such as CAR-T therapy, gut health, cancer, pulmonary artery hypertension, respiratory conditions, wound care and many more. This makes us among the few top public relations agencies in the region with the knowledge and resources to handle medical healthcare PR.

We have organised media events, broadcast interviews and contribution articles to maximise market position and consumer awareness of the medical brands that are under our belt. In fact, we are the creator and manager of the largest facebook page on respiratory health in Singapore.