Food and Beverage Public Relations (F&B PR)


Our F&B PR team at Brand Inc. is passionate about palates. We firmly believe that the best culinary experience must go hand in hand with publicity generate interest and conversations.

It is no secret that Singapore is a food-centric nation. Eating is described by the Singaporean population in general as a ‘national past time’.

There are almost seven new restaurants, bars, and cafés opening almost every day in the city. Therefore, it can be difficult to stand out among competitors without good media, bloggers and influencer engagement.

Generating conversations on bar or restaurants require in-depth knowledge of the culinary arts and expertise to devise angles. Our expertise in F&B PR has seen us successfully launch new restaurants, share new restaurant menus, and organise media tasting sessions for members of both print and digital media, and food bloggers and influencers.

We have created several successful publicity campaigns for a wide variety of restaurants and bars, ranging from Sofitel So’s french-fusion dining establishment Xperience Restaurant and Bar, to riverside Italian cuisine in Limoncello Pizza & Grill. We are also the publicity architect that launched Japanese food chain Ramen Champion which went viral in Singapore.

For older and more established restaurants, we have also managed to reinvigorate interest among media, bloggers and influencers. Some of these restaurants under our portfolio include The Boiler, La Braceria and Pioneer Seafood.

As the appointed F&B PR agency for La Maison du Whisky, our firm launched the world’s oldest bottled single malt whisky, Mortlach 70-Year-Old Whisky, in Asia. We are also the public relations (PR) company behind six of the most successful Whisky Live Singapore events. Whisky Live is the largest whisky and spirit show in Asia. We launched Whisky Live in 2010 and handled for 2013 through to 2017 iterations. Whisky Live Singapore 2017 nominated as The Best Beverage Event by The Bar Awards 2018. As you can see, our passion does not just stop at food.

Why F&B PR Matters to Us

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