Behind every successful event is a public relations agency that is able to both run through every detail of said event with a fine-toothed comb to effectively and efficiently provide outreach and hype to the media. The best event PR practitioner must be able to work with challenges and think quickly on their feet.

At Brand Inc., we offer public relations consultancy to all events organised by our clients. We take pride in paying attention to the most minute details of these events, from concepts, dates, seating arrangements, media and personality attendance, transport costs and booking, and the entertainment of guests and public personalities to ensure that every event under our care runs smoothly like a well-oiled mechanism, and to bring about the best possible experience for both guests and the media alike.

Our tried-and-tested methodology has rewarded our clients with unprecedented success and also given us the esteemed privilege to become an integral part of numerous events of a variety of scales, ranging from the niche to ones with mass appeal. We were the show-runners behind the inaugural and four of the most successful installations of Whisky Live Singapore yet, A Taste of the World’s Oldest Whisky – Mortlach 70-Year-Old, the Asia Bakery World Cup by Louis Lesaffre, Parkway Cancer Centre’s public outreach with local celebrities Edmund Chen and Xiang Yun, and many more. With a creative and innovate team that brainstorms unique concepts and press angles, as well as our long-standing ties with a wide variety of top-tier media, Brand Inc. guarantees outstanding results in all aspects of event public relations.