Digital Public Relations (PR)


Digital public relations is an integral aspect of digital content. Our understanding of analytics and SEO have given us an edge in digital PR.  It includes crafting narratives that resonate. And creating powerful backlinks through social media and liaisons with the media and influencers.

The landscape of communication is a rapidly changing one. While traditional print media outlets still hold some influence, digital content is the mode of information consumption.

The distinct advantage digital PR holds over the traditional lies in timeliness and analytics. Getting the word out about a brand or service has never been faster and more effective.

Brand Inc. holds a clear understanding of the power of digital public relations in the online platforms and has distinctively used this power to the advantage of our clients.

We build and establish good relationships with many influential digital web media, and also with top-tier bloggers in genres like parenting, lifestyle, fashion, tech and food & beverage (F&B). In addition, our long-standing partnerships with members of the traditional print media also offer us access to their online mediums. All these factors allow our clients the ability to tap into a communications medium that is prompt, endlessly flexible, and instantly accessible to anyone in the world.

The heart of effective media pitching lies in effective storytelling. At Brand Inc., our creative, dynamic team of digital public relations specialists know the stories that resonate. Therefore, we are always able to best position our clients and brands for maximum coverage.