Consumer Tech Public Relations (PR)


Brand Inc. is the Consumer Tech PR agency of choice for some of the biggest technology brand names in Singapore and Malaysia. Our portfolio includes ASUS, Buffalo, Targus, Wacom, and Prolink.

In our highly-connected global economy, the consumer electronics industry has become one of the most competitive and fastest-moving industries in the world. It has numerous selection of brands and products vying for consumer dollars. Consumer tech PR helps to gain visibility and conversations in ways more than one.

Consumers in wired societies such as Singapore and Malaysia are consistently seeking out the latest and most competitively priced technologies to assist them in maintaining a high level of connectivity. In order to meet this increasingly large demand, different brands are constantly pushing through a slew of products into the market, giving tech products a level of affordability and shortened shelf life unseen in previous generations. A device that is the talk of the town one day could well become obsolete in the next, making way for another new gadget with better features and design.

Brand Inc. also recognises that, in our highly-connected society, consumer IT products are not only for technology enthusiasts, and have successfully pitched for coverage in lifestyle media outlets as well.