Lifestyle Public Relations Firm in Malaysia

Established in 2007, Brand Inc. is one of the leading consumer lifestyle public relations (PR) firms in Malaysia.

The secret of Brand Inc. Malaysia’s success lies in strategic publicity expertise across digital, print and social media. We deliver results and content driven by SEO insights and google data analytics.

The start of Brand Inc. in Malaysia attributes to the foresight of Mr Jack Huang, PROLiNK, Managing Director. His experience and firm belief that both markets could benefit from our Group Director’s, Elaine Seah, strategic communication expertise, accelerated the opening of Brand Inc. Malaysia’s branch office. The group also started acquiring consumer tech clients like Wacom, Targus and ASUS.

Malaysia’s office very soon filled the market gap. Shortly, Brand Inc. evolved into one of the leading boutique consumer lifestyle public relations (PR) firms in Malaysia. The branch specialises in consumer lifestyle public relations such as medical, healthcare, travel and hospitality, tech, events and fashion.

“Spin has been interpreted historically to mean overt deceit meant to manipulate the public. But since the 1990s, the meaning has shifted to describing a “polishing of the truth.” Today spin refers to providing a certain interpretation of information meant to sway public opinion. Skilled practitioners of spin are hence sometimes called “spin doctors.”

We now celebrate more than a decade of providing customised public relations (PR) solution. Our long-standing clients include Oasia Suites Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Xepa Soul Pattinson, CareMark, Targus, Fossil, and many more.

Our firm belief in keeping all clients close to our hearts in order to develop the best possible PR solutions for them has continued to deliver top results. We also take pride in our close ties with members of the media, aiding them in finding unique, news-worthy stories that will engage and captivate their target audiences.

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