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5 Steps to Finding the Best Public Relations Agency Fit in Singapore

Selecting the best public relations agency for a campaign or brand is never an easy process. We have put together 5 short steps to identifying the best PR agency fit:

1. Established Media Contacts

For us, our specialisation in consumer lifestyle PR in the diverse sectors – hospitality, fashion, healthcare, medical, lifestyle, consumer IT, food & beverage (F&B), and digital PR, has allowed us to establish strong media contacts and gain an insight into the stories and information that the media are interested in.

This is the cornerstone of our longstanding relationship with our clients. Over the years, we have continued to achieve outstanding and consistent track record.

2. Results Guaranteed

Different agencies provide different safety nets to their clients. Look for one that ensures success in your publicity campaign. Remember the level of fees is never an indication of success or expertise.

3. Ethical PR and Business Practices

Most companies are founded either on passion or profitability. Celebrating our 15 anniversary soon, we believe passion, expertise and most importantly ethics are key to Brand Inc.’s business longevity and success.

Avoid just requesting quotations. Always arrange to meet the agencies before appointing one.

4. Achieving Communications Goals

It is important to choose a PR agency on their ability to achieve your business goals, not their linguistic capability or journalistic experience. Consider the results a public relations agency promises to deliver. Are they are in line with your company’s goals?

5. Commitment to Service

There are pros on cons to engaging a boutique public relations firm versus an international communications organisation, depending on the requirements. Either way, it is important to find out the number of service hours to ensure that you are getting the attention you need.

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