Why You Need To Know About Facebook’s Values To Manage Its Changes


Fundamentally and most importantly, Facebook wants you and your audience to engage and interact. Comments will surface to be one of the most important measurements of engagement. Gear the posts up for engagement. Share interesting content and interact through comments.

PRoTip 4: Real comments through interesting content.

These changes could actually be good. Simple because more time will be spent on Facebook when people are served with content they are interested in. This will also mean brands can reach out to people with genuine interest. So what should brands and social media agencies do?

What Should Brands and Social Media Agencies Do?

The changes may sound daunting to some so let us break it down to the simplest form for you: Basically, Facebook just wants more conversation / discussions / interactions.

The idea behind the changes is to focus more on bringing people together by facilitating more meaningful interactions. What brands and social media agencies should do is to simply understand and revisit the core values of Facebook news feeds. Below is taken from Facebook and we have summarised it for you:

Facebook was built on the idea of connecting people with their friends and family, and is still the driving principle of news feeds today. That’s why if it’s from your friends, it’s in your feed – towards the top of your list, period.

So for brands and agencies, you must ensure that:
Posts inform – Factual, credible and insightful
Posts entertain – Interesting, funny, refreshing

Facebook is about connecting people and ideas — and matching people with the stories they find most meaningful. No discrimination or misinformation should be permitted. Seriously, that will not just incur the wrath of Facebook but also bound to suffer backlash.

Numbers have shown: Authentic stories are the ones that resonate most. People find misleading, sensational and “spammy” contents annoying. Keep engagement baits and fake news at bay!

Want to keep fans and followers? Make their experience engaging and authentic. Overzealous branded materials is a surefire way to unfollow.

Don’t just listen to us. Watch the video below to hear what Facebook has to say.

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