Why You Need To Know About Facebook’s Values To Manage Its Changes


What are the Changes to Facebook News Feeds?

According to Facebook, the clean up will include fewer posts from branded content and will be ranked according to trustworthiness perceived by users. So, hoaxes be warned.

PRoTip 1: Ensure content and sources are trustworthy.

Low-quality viral videos will also be out. It makes sense. Facebook wants people to have more time spent scrolling through posts than some viral videos that consumes time and reduce interactions. Here’s the trick: Live videos, on the other hand, often lead to discussion among viewers on Facebook. In fact, live videos on average get six times as many interactions as regular videos, according to Facebook.

PRoTip 2: Seriously consider live videos. Just always ensure that you have an engaging story to tell.

So what about the other baiting techniques? Pages and groups, be warned. Those who use engagement bait tactics in their posts should expect their reach on these posts to decrease. Meanwhile, Pages that repeatedly share engagement bait posts will see more significant drops in reach. The focus should be on posting relevant and meaningful stories that do not use engagement bait tactics.

PRoTip 3: Avoid engagement bait tactics.

Credit: Facebook

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