World Happiness Report 2017 Special: Happiness at work is creativity at PR agency


According to the World Happiness Report 2017, people who are employed deem the quality of their lives much higher than those who are unemployed. The clear importance of employment for happiness emphasises the damage that unemployment can do.

Among those who are employed, forty to sixty percent of time (or more) awake is spent at work. The importance of work is undeniable. We need work to sustain and have a sense a purpose.

Unfortunately, working in a public relations agency is never easy. Public relations has been time and again ranked among the top 10 most stressful job. Besides working with tight timelines and brokering between two different sets of objectives from the media and clients, most would agree that managing superior’s expectations is just as tough. Public relations requires creative individuals who thrive on high demand, high stress and short turnaround time. Sounds impossible? Here’s our trick:

To engage team members in a high-stress environment and ensure happiness, we employ Aon Hewitt’s Say, Stay, and Strive behavioural model of engagement which has been proven to be a boost to creativity and retention at Brand Inc.

1. SAY

Happy employees say great things about the company to colleagues, clients and their social network. One of the tricks to creating happy employees is to ensure happiness at work.

Keep communication channels open and allow opportunities to speak, engage and contribute. It can be about ideas or work, anything. Who knows, one idea might just lead to the next.


Every employee who comes through Brand Inc.’s door plays a part in shaping the company’s future. On the same note, every member of Brand Inc. is personally groomed to ensure the best performance.

A purposeful relationship is formed as both company and staff associate a shared future.

Besides the developmental transaction, a programme to create a cohesive environment is critical. At Brand Inc., we find every reason to celebrate or to play because real creativity and bonding happen outside work.


Goal-getting individuals are valuable assets to the company, but on top of that, we value great teamwork. It is the true essence of a successful business. Customers of highly engaged teams (not individuals) are more likely to recommend the business and have greater brand loyalty. Don’t believe us? Watch the video.

Ultimately, engagement is about treating team members as individuals. If we are going to spend so much time together, it will be much easier if we are happy and having fun. Right, guys?