Copywriting vs Public Relations


The  Public Relations (PR) role requires good writing abilities. Despite the blurred roles between a copywriter and a PR practitioner, there is a fine line between each of their work. We share with you the differences between the roles by comparing and contrasting.

Content Objective vs Communication Objective

The main contrast between a copywriter and a PR practitioner is that while copywriters focus on the objective of creating content that sells an idea, PR practitioners target the communication aspect of disseminating messages to stakeholders. Copywriters review information that is being furnished and reveal the story behind it, as a reporter would from a third party’s point of view. However, a PR practitioner projects the company’s reputation through the collaterals released, be it a press kit or a simple press release.

Researching Content vs Researching Industry

Though both roles require research for their writing, the type of research differs with PR and copywriting. The former involves researching the industry the PR firm is working with by conducting background research on their client’s brand and analysing competitors. Research enables better communication between PR, media and consumers throughout the PR campaign. Copywriters’ research is often limited to content topics to produce pieces of writing. They create and distribute valuable, relevant and consistent content to spur profitable consumer action which functions as a call to action for clients.

Develop Content Writing vs Develop Communication Strategies

Copywriters develop content writing by engaging in marketing content through their writing skills such as creating catchy headlines. Effective copywriting aims to create content that builds brand identity, benefit readers and encourage the public to purchase the mentioned product or service. More than just creating content, PR looks at communication strategies on the whole and develop targeted messages for different platforms and tools to achieve communication objectives.

All in all, multiple distinctions can be drawn between copywriting and PR. More than just write, copywriters straddle the world of writing with the world of content marketing whereas PR practitioners build communication bridges. As a boutique PR agency, Brand Inc. is committed to creating enthralling story angles for our clients. With our expertise spanning a variety of industries including consumer lifestyle and healthcare PR, we have delivered significant results for the big brand names that we hold as key accounts.