Boutique VS International PR Companies in Singapore


Boutique PR Firms Give Big Wigs A Run For Their Money

When it comes to feeding your PR needs, good things come in small packages. Contrary to popular belief, boutique agencies deliver significant results and better value.

The only difference lies in the geographical muscle which boutique agencies lack. While multinational PR agencies are known for their wide geographical outreach, local boutique agencies are well-versed with in-depth knowledge of the local scene which proves beneficial to clients with a localised target audience. Boutique agencies pack the same punch location-wise.

Size does not necessarily matter since boutique agencies can achieve the same quality and quantity, if not more, than big multinational PR agencies. Getting to know a small-scale PR team is much easier as you gain direct access to the whole team from the staff right up to the director. And that is the best way to stretch your dollar as the campaign will be managed by the top staff heading small PR teams.

Boutique PR agencies thrive on specialising in niche market solutions to differentiate themselves and best deliver focused messages to target audiences. They possess specialised expertise in working with companies with niche specialities ranging from consumer lifestyle to events to medical PR needs. Instead of introducing a full range of other services that may compromise on cost-effective solutions, small PR firms sell their forte and provide clients with what they need. When specific needs are addressed, time is better managed by boutique PR firms. This keeps the objective of workflow clear between both parties, thereby creating a win-win strategy with efficient service and cost savings.

At the same time, boutique PR agencies can afford greater adaptability to various working methods to suit their client’s needs. As they bear ownership, small-scale PR firms are flexible enough to speedily pivot to suit clients’ changing needs, thereby maximising the opportunities of positive brand exposure.[5] In this vein, small-scale firms have an edge over large firms as they increase the efficiency of the business system with their expeditious receptivity.

In PR campaigns, methods can make or break a brand. Pursuing unique ideas aid campaigns in standing out from the vast majority of companies who choose to engage big PR. Each individual member in small PR teams contributes a different strength that benefits the campaign. Inter-connected collaborations within the team establish a unified purpose, all the while generating fresh ideas for projects.  This trait is an essential for brands seeking ways to distinguish themselves from the sea of PR competitors.

Since its inception, Brand Inc.’s expertise as a boutique PR agency, especially in consumer lifestyle, has delivered significant results for big brands like Fossil, Sofitel, Bang & Olufsen and Bristol-Myer Squibb. Our team has constantly exceeded expectations and proven that boutique PR agencies can give bigwigs a run for their money.