About Us

Born out of unflagging passion 15 years ago, Brand Inc. is the trailblazer in the specialisation of consumer lifestyle PR and communications in the region. Be it Club Street, Keong Saik Road or our current hive in Lavender, Singapore, we are hip even before the word could be used on these precincts. Some think we are intuitive or lucky, but in all actuality, we are just discerning and analytical trendsetters. As the PR and communications architect behind iconic brands and campaigns such as Oasia Hotels, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Whisky Live Singapore, Sofitel SO, Bang & Olufsen, Wacoal and Karl Lagerfeld, we thrive on the adrenalin rush from fresh and exciting ideas incubated by some of the most passionate and talented individuals who make up our team.

Our secret? Strategic publicity expertise across traditional and digital publications and social media platforms. We craft compelling content based on SEO insights and Google Analytics, and render real results our clients aim for.

We pride ourselves on our sub-specialty of hospitality (hotels, restaurants and bars), travel and tourism PR, medical and healthcare PR and overall digital PR. Placing the interest of each client and project close to our hearts, we meticulously handcraft every detail and tell stories in ways that resonate and excite the imagination. Our portfolio, made up of some of the biggest local and international names, is a testament to our quality of work and dedication. Operating from our headquarters in Singapore and branch in Kuala Lumpur, our diverse and highly effective and mobile team covers most cities in the region. Despite the success we have enjoyed through the years, we remain lean, nimble and ahead of competition under the steerage of our founder and director, Elaine Seah. 15 years and counting, Brand Inc. has been and continues to be the boutique lifestyle PR agency of choice.